The World

Not to scale, use your imagination.
The City of Istima

Nestled between the Angewine mountain range to the west and the Angwynn range to the east, Istima Academy is the world’s foremost institution for magical higher education. Our students have gone on to work in prestigious royal courts and guilds worldwide.

Istima at a Glance

Upon admittance, students at Istima will join one of five schools of magic:

  • The Vernal Court- The Spring Court teaches matters biological/natural; Healing, weather, disease, agriculture, and plantomancy.
  • The Estival Court- The Summer Court teaches matters chemical/material; alchemy, potions, transmutation, artificing, runes.
  • The Autumnal Court- The Autumn Court teaches matters energetic; kenetics, gravity, souls magic, light, scrying, and sympathetic magic
  • The Hibernal Court- The Winter Court teaches matters elemental; pyromancy, aeromancy, geomancy, hydromancy, and their various sub classes.
  • The Umbral Court- The Night Court teaches matters eccentric.
  • *The Claral Court- The Day Court no longer exists as an independant organization or teaching entity.

Main Characters

  • Cal
  • Lyssana
  • Yam Hist