Yam is a Len whose nomadic people value truth and community above all else. He has decided that the only way to restore his family is to become indistinguishable from a god and retroactively make his father a prophet instead of a lying cult leader.

Cal is a street thief impersonating a young, wealthy noblewoman she found dead when attempting to burglarize a room. She only hopes to rob the rich mages and maybe pick up a trick or two before she inevitably has to skip town. 

Lyssana was born with the wrong kind of abilities and exiled to a faraway island of elemental magic users. She has been called back by her wealthy family and placed in Istima for a purpose she has yet to learn. 

This is a serialized web fiction about three students in Istima, the Six Court Academy; where the different branches of magic have come together in an ancient city-school floating between mountain peaks and above the storm sea. The engraving students learn to steal patents and defend their homework from untrustworthy professors. The Winter Court battle for their spots in the rankings. The healers-in-training stretch trip cords across the highest stairs so they can practice enough to earn an internship. And no one has a clue what is happening in the Night Court, but it involves self-induced psychosis, inter-dimensional summoning, and activites so normal that they feel nefarious in comparison.

Welcome to Istima. Study, survive, and hold your secrets close.

(The story is currently on hiatus as the writers rebuild a backlog of chapters and plot future arcs. But there are nearly 50 chapters and more than 150,000 words of content already posted for new readers who would like to get into the story. Please leave comments and reach out to us, even during the hiatus.)




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Hiatus Notice

Hey everyone, the three of us who write this story wanted to let you know that we will be taking a break from posting for a while. Our current intent to refill our back log of chapters and keep the story going, but the details (like a time line) are a bit foggy. At least…

Miller #4: One Flew Over the Raven’s Nest

The parties were dispatched. The backup was in place. The game was afoot and Miller was wrist-deep in a potted plant.  “Three sausages,” he muttered, digging his fingers into the dirt. “Or three per person? Stupid, stupid, Atalan. They have to cook them over a fire if they don’t get them from a dirty-aproned bartender.…

Yam 16

~~~~~~~~~ Next chapter will be a Miller interlude that I’m particularly excited about. Less evangelizing about The Power of Math. But a particular set of dumb jokes. I’m really looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks of them. It’ll be going live early for Patrons at our patreon. If you want to see it 11/15/2021…

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